I am Bryan Mock, currently in Sorrento, Italy studying under collaborators of Christopher Alexander in a new Master's Level program called Building Beauty.

We will be focusing on a holistic approach to architecture in which our primary aim is cultivating the wholeness within a place. Over the course of the semester, we will be building in the Sant'Anna Institute's beautiful garden. What we build depends on what we learn from the city, from the faculty, the students, and from the space itself. 

I graduated with my bachelors in architecture from Iowa State University in 2013 and have since worked with a non profit design firm, MIIM Designs developing temporary shelters for the UNHabitat, on absurdly lavish vacation homes in Aspen, Colorado, as well as on your more typical architecture projects (strip malls, Fortune 500 headquarters, what have you...)

My passion is in taking an incremental development approach to architecture and intend to build a little mixed use building once I finally find home.


Past Works